The CD "NAIZ" - first opus of this triptych –is a result of the memorable encounters (concerts, radio broadcasts, TV, etc.) with artists stemming from the Basque scene and other genres.

This album is above all a human story. A story of sorrow, but also, a shout of love thrown in the face of a society that practices a hypocritical lifestyle shamelessly! And who do not hesitate to deny today, what they felt passionate about yesterday …

A story of tenderness as well, because, without tenderness, these megatons of love which we owe to the Other, can’t exists … Nothing can exist!

Not even this claimed society -this unpredictable group of lobotomized bipeds - on the march towards Nothingness.

Finally a story of Hope! Without waiting for this journey…tomorrow! An invitation to live and breath, moved by this legion of curiosity and indignation to refuse all which does not correspond to us any more.

We like this CD more than anything.

It is also in a new artistic direction. Produced on the Road: "at home" as Peio says, with a mobile studio. No doubt, this album is more acoustic than his previous productions.

We want to thank all the partners (musicians, artists, technicians, producers, media, and friends) who had confidence in us and accepted this challenge.

For the production of this album, Peio called on numerous folks for input:

RENAUD Singer with pleasant authorization of "Ceci-cela" and EMI Music France)

Nadine ROSSELLO Singer, narrator

Mixed choir XARAMELA Director : Marie-Jo GOUDARD

String quartet ARNAGA

1st violin : Arnaud AGUERGARAY

2nd violin : Olivier PARROT

Alto : Olivier SEUBE

Violoncelle : Emmanuelle BOUILLIER

Philippe de EZKURRA accordion, bandonéon

Pierre DAYRAUD Percussions

Patrick LE MERCIER Violon, bombards, Jew's harp, flute

Pájaro CANZANI additional Percussions (bongos, maracas, bombo, tiplé)

Sound recordings / mixing (ANGEL STUDIO – Paris)

Daniel DIAZ Contrebasse, mastering ( - Paris)

Christophe COHEN mobile Studio

Marc-André NICOLAO mobile Studio

Nelly ETCHEVESTE Piano Yamaha

Jean-Bernard SERBIELLE Studio Abbey Road (bottom)

Pays Basque Magazine Photos

We have the honor to especially thank two essential artists who made the production of this album possible:

Patrick BEBEY Pianos, keyboards, arrangements, artistic direction (also co-worker of Youssou' n Dour, Charlélie Couture, Francis Lalanne)

Claude PY Guitars, arrangements, vocal coach, sound engineer, artistic co-direction (also co-worker of Luis Llach, Toure Kunda, Papa Wemba)

We also want to particularly thank SACEM, the ASSOCIATION OF COMPOSERS


MILAN PRESSE (Pays Basque Magazine, Pyrénées Magazine),

the POLYNOME Company, and websites, for

their advice and their precious help.


Because the Internet is the WORLD RADIO par excellence today, we chose to be inspired by Bernard Detxepare, visionary Basque poet who in 1545 said :


"Euskara, jalgi hadi kanpora, plazara, mundura"

"Basque Language, go out of the kitchen, goes out to the plaza, goes throughout the world!"