"The American writer Jack Kerouac, who wrote "The Darma Bums", will remember his father's recommendations for a long time. "Never forget that you are a Breton!"

As if being from somewhere also gave you the insurance of being part of the World.

"If you wish to be Universal, tell me about your People", echoed Antonio Machado's answer.

As if to be part of the World meant that you had to entirely claim you belonged to one Land, one Country, one Nation.

We are now launching the second part of our trilogy centered on the Celtic world with Zara ("You are").

Because we are convinced that when speaking about others, we also speak a little about ourselves.

Because we are convinced that when speaking with others, we also grow up with them and therefore, we are a little less alone in our understanding of the World.

Brittany and Scotland are now the guests of honour on this new opus, thanks to the exceptional collaboration of wonderful artists such as Gilles Servat and Karen Matheson.

And because tomorrow has already started today, children and young people are also part of this album.

We would like to thank the pupils of Collège Diwan from Vannes and Ikastola Zurriola from Saint Sebastien, as well as the young dancers of the Company Les Mutins from Grenoble.

We cannot end these words without quite a particular thanking to Patrick Bébey, to whom we entrusted the artistic direction of this project, as well as to his assistant Daniel Diaz, and to all the musicians we have invited to this wonderful journey to somewhere else."